Monday, June 13, 2011

Sea kayaking at the Baltic Sea

At the calm sea

It was sunshine and high pressure all over Finland during the weekend and thus it was a perfect weather for sea kayaking. The group of 11 paddlers headed on the waters of Pori on the western coast of Finland. The aim was to visit on 3 different lighthouses within 3 days and enjoy sea paddling.

At Kallo lighthouse

We succeeded to visit on all of three lighthouses, which were Kallo, Säppi and Kaijakari. All of these are not too far away from the coastline and only within 5-15 km distance from the city of Pori. The temperature were even bit too high (+30 degrees) and therefore we had constantly swimming breaks during the trip.

Refreshing feet

The route of the paddling trip was : First day, Second day and Third day.

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