Friday, October 14, 2011

Case Korouoma

View to Korouoma gorge from the top of the cliffs

The Korouoma canyon is a 10 km gorge in Lappland at Posio. As part of the studies this weekend we had a chance to face mighty rocks and cliffs of the gorge as well as rare caves in Finland. Early Friday morning we headed towards Posio and Korouoma from Rovaniemi with all the gear for abseiling and caving in the gorge.

Building anchor points for the abseiling

Because of the natural reserve, it's not possible to climb everywhere, but you need to follow strict rules for climbing, caving and abseiling at both winter and summer time. The spot for climbing in summer time (or actually during september - october) is called Pirunkirkko. Roughly 50 meter high cliff ideal for abseiling activities. So we did! It was great to look over the amazing gorge and abseil down to the bottom of the gorge at sunshine and beautiful weather.

50 meter Pirunkirkko cliffs at background

There are only few caving possibilities in Finland and Korouoma is having one of those rare caves. This was my first caving experience in Finland, just nice but short experience...

Entering the cave

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