Monday, October 24, 2011

J.P. Fushi at Sappee

At Sappee slopes

It's hard to understand why the calendar is full of bookings at weekends. It seems that every weekend has been reserved for activities of sport events, school periods, parties, friends gatherings and so on...

This weekend was not an exception. On the contrary there were sport event, friends gathering and concert combined into one weekend long activity planned and organized by Haapis. The spot for the gathering was Sappee - skiing center nearby Tampere. Though we don't have snow yet, there were wet swamps, high cliffs, slippery paths and incredible views waiting us, when we drove to Sappee on Friday afternoon. Right after the arrival we put our orienteering clothes and headed to the forest and steep slopes of Sappee to compete 4 km orienteering track. Already the first control point was too difficult for me and the results tell everything...

This map sucks! Even the champs are confused :))))

However the main point was to spent weekend together with great company and when I had had warm sauna and sausages after it, it was time to enjoy the good start for the weekend despite of the huge mistakes at first competition.

Somewhere at Laipanmaa paths

On Saturday was the big day! On a 20+ km orienteering/hiking/running/walking/geocaching activity throughout the Laipanmaa terrain we were tested with unexceptionally difficult orienteering tasks on a modified maps. The whole story can be read from the blog.It took over 6 hours to complete the mission and get back to cottage in Sappee. What a great feeling after recovering a bit, my legs were absolutely at it's limit with nearly 600 meter total climb at the route. There were huge amount of mushrooms (craterellus, chanterelle) and cranberries at the autumnal forest and swamps.

J.P. Fushi's and Jing Pin's ready for the evening

The finnish rock band "Popeda" were playing and having a gig on Saturday evening at local restaurant, which was full of people in the middle of nowhere.

Popeda, Popeda !

All in all big thanks to organizer and other participants for the highlight of this autumn !

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