Monday, October 17, 2011

Authorization test for Rope Work Leadership

Knots, knots, knots

The weekend was mentally and physically tough one. On thursday I was doing the theory exam of the Rafting Guide authorisation test and on Saturday we had a Rope Work Supervisor authorisation test including a theory and practical tests at the same day.

Rescue operation about to start

Most probably the Rafting Guide test went well, but we didn't get the results yet. On the other hand the result of the Rope Work Supervisor test was known after the long day and for my surprise I passed the test and became as a certified and authorized Rope Work Supervisor given by the Finnish Climbing Association, which is member of UIAA. What a great weekend!

Paddling with the C-6 (6 person Canoe)

During this year I have successfully passed multiple tests of outdoor activity sports and has become an authorized Paddling Guide, an authorized Rafting Guide and an authorized Rope Work Supervisor.

When I was back at home at Tampere at midnight, after 4-day tests and outdoor activities at Rovaniemi I was totally exhausted. The Sunday was a long day with 6 hour school day and 9 hour driving. I was feeling the tiredness of my body on this morning and thought I would be resting the whole day. However my buddies were planning a 3-hour orienteering exercise and I decided to participate it, because of the nice weather and the possibility to enjoy once again the forest and the autumn colors of it. The theme for the run was "pain" and sure it was partly that, but anyhow after running 2,5 hours at forest, having warm sauna after it I was feeling relaxed and ready to jump into my bed and have a good sleep tonight. Zzzzzzzzzz

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