Sunday, September 25, 2011

Long, wet and cold - Season's end

18.2 km

The weather forecast told all the essentials from the day of 24th of September 2011. Humidity 100%, temperature +7 degrees, occasional showers, wind 5 m/s. It was time to start long distance orienteering competition at Vaajakoski. There were 18 km course waiting us as a last sport event on this year's Kalevan kierros.

Approaching control point

Alltogether roughly 300 participants started at a mass start either for 18 km or 10 km track. Despite of the high number of competitors starting at the same time, the course planner had done a superb job! The parallel courses provided splitted the runners effectively and I was running the whole course after second control point practically by myself.

Punching at control point #9

The terrain was wet and slippery due to constant rain during the previous weeks. It was cold, but as soon I started running I felt warm. The running speed wasn't the best, but anyhow I was happy about my orienteering skills at this race. No big mistakes at control points. There were some not optimal route choices I made between control points, but I was extremely happy after finishing the course at a time of 3 hours and 34 minutes. 

Kalevan kierros completed!


  1. Extremely good run in such a demanding route! Cngrtlns for this and also managing well other challenges during the year!

  2. 4 out of 6 planned goals for this year has now been achieved. Hopefully after 3 weeks the remaining two ones as well... The next year goals have been defined already and they looks like very different ones from this year. Vierivä kivi ei sammaloidu! And good luck for Pirkka, if you are able to start!