Friday, September 9, 2011

Rafting guide course

In the rapids of Raudanjoki

4 - day rafting guide course is now half-way. After two tough days at white water near Rovaniemi, I have found many new muscles on my upper body. Tomorrow we'll be heading to Tornionjoki, where even bigger rapids can be found than in the neighborhood of Rovaniemi.

Safety equipment : helmet, PDF

Vikaköngäs rapids have been ideal for practicing rafting and learning to guide groups, who want rafting experience on inflatable rafts. We have managed to get multiple runs for everybody to learn and practice the behavior of rafts in the rapids. It was even possible to practice raft racing on slalom track, which was built for the race held next weekend.

Slalom track gates

In the end of the day there were a possibility to practice capsizing the raft and re-righting it with flip line.

Capsizing the raft

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