Sunday, September 4, 2011

Märket dialect has been invented

It has been a typical Märket weather today. A bit of everything like wind, waves, clouds and sunshine. Waves have been increasing during the day and the islet has been shrinking at the same pace. However there has been still enough solid ground to work outside and even do the jogging exercise around the island.
Today we have been doing compulsory maintenance and shift changing tasks like cleaning the places and emptying compost after one week shift of 5 people. So the preparation for tomorrow's change is right on schedule.

The seals have disappeared from our sight perhaps due to strong and intensive waves hitting continuously the shore of the island and making it harder to get ashore. However the amount of ships and ferries sailing between Märket and Understen has not been affected in any ways, there is a constant line of big cubicles on the western horizon moving to north or to south.

We have been enjoying the last day and the evening here by having the final great sauna experience with swim in the middle of blowing wind and wet waves, baking apple cakes and just taking easy and relaxed. We have had a multiple phone calls to mainland to give instructions for ordering more paint for the ceiling, walls and the floor of the first floor rooms.

It's amazing how time flies, cause it feels we just arrived a moment ago, but actually it's already one week since we entered Mats' boat in Eckerö. Most probably the wind is blowing from the north tomorrow and therefore the change will happen from the south side and from the southern harbor. Today when we have looked at the sea and the behavior of the waves it's hard to believe we could get out tomorrow. Waves are circling around the island and meeting each others exactly at the point of southern side and building a pacific like surfin' waves. We are just lacking of surfboards to enjoy the waves. Ride on!

Yesterday we lost the last car tire we had on Märket. Tires have been used as fenders for the boats docking to northern or a southern harbor. So we had to do a phone call to mainland again and make the order of the new car tires. It seems sea is cruel at these stormy waters and swallowing everything which is not bolted firmly onto a strong granite rocks.

It has been an educational week as well for the Finnish speaking crew. Monica and Christer has been teaching for the rest of us many useful Swedish words, sayings and phrases from "gäspande gepard" through "mögel möbel fågel flygel" to "räven raskar över isen". Now we can survive even at the most Swedish speaking part of Åland with these phrases. There's no matter which language the crew members are speaking when coming to Märket, because after one week we all have adapted to new language called "Märket dialect" and everybody can speak and understand fluently this ultimately beautiful new language. As an example dialect includes words like "suklata", "plastrata" and "lorare".

We all wish that we can come back one day and have the chance to feel this special atmosphere again. Goodbye now, but see you soon again!

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