Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From Tiinanmäki through B-Final to C'est La Vie

Map of B-Final

At last weekend I was attending a Kirmaisu-event at Alavus with 4 other guys. The plan was to enjoy the weekend in a cottage near the place, where Finnish Orienteering Championships in a middle distance was arranged. On a Friday we drove to J's cottage, run a 1 km "Tiinanmäki" test-run and had a relaxing sauna after it.

Early on Saturday morning had a decent breakfast and right after it 3 of us cycled into a race center of Finnish Orienteering Championship and got prepared for the 3.7 km qualification run. I started among the first ones at 9:00. I made a huge mistake at control point #4 and also the running speed wasn't too good for me, cause I haven't had a possibility to run and exercise during summer, when I have been paddling the Finnish coastline.

There were 3 hours between qualifications and the B-final, which we used effectively by cycling back to the cottage, eating a lunch, resting a bit and cycling back to the race center. At 13:00 I was starting again for the second race today, 4.9 km B-final. The running speed wasn't increased from the morning, but the orienteering went much better and smoother than in the morning. This was my first personal national orienteering competition and my first ranking points ever.

On Saturday evening after the competition had a great dinner, hot sauna and concert offered by Anna Puu.

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