Monday, August 29, 2011

Visitors from the mist

M/S Brahe approaching Märket from north

It was again a very misty morning. Early , very early there was a ship in the mist. It was M/S Brahe which like the Flying Dutchman came with 62 guests who were on a trip between lighthouses.

Visitors landing Märket northern harbor

Our guests looked at Märket and were guided around the island and got coffee.They had to leave earlier than planned because of the growing wind and next they headed onto Sälskär.

M/S Brahe in anchor next to Märket

In the afternoon we rested a bit and took down the steel constructions on the walls of the annex building. After the scaffolding were moved to the storage area we started to plaster on one wall at the first floor in the ligthouse building. Tomorrow we continue plastering the other walls of the very same room.

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