Monday, August 22, 2011

Day of pain & torture at Tampere : World & European Championships

Sunday 21st of August was full of pain, but on the other hand full of joy as well. It was a day when elite triathlonists were competing on a ETU long distance triathlon European championships at Tampere. The race started at an inhuman time 6:45 AM, when trained bodies dressed up in wet suits were jumping onto a Pyhäjärvi lake for a respectable 4 km swimming leg. The Ratina stadium was acting as a competition center and the fastest completed 4 km swimming, 120 km cycling and 30 km running race roughly at 5,5 hours. Just increadible!!!

At 5 PM there were a bit different race at central market at Tampere. As part of chilifest 2011, there were world championships of eating the hottest chili in the world, Naga Morichi. There were 13 brave competitors suffering and having pain when trying to destroy as much as possible Naga Morichi in 30 minutes. The winner broke the world record by eating astonishing amount of 181,57 grams of Naga Morichi (previous world record was 94,98 g) !!!!

Nobody participated both competitions, I wonder why :) It would be extreme competition to combine triathlon and chili eating competitions. I could imagine the feeling at the next morning after such a torture, suffering and pain. I'll stay at the other side of the fence and be a spectator only...

P.S. I bought couple of chili from chilifest just to spice up my meals a bit, not to start practicing for the next year competitions.

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