Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peeking onto next year

Previous couple of weeks have been totally sanctified for the recovery activities like getting massage for tight muscles at upper body, eating a lot, sleeping well and resting as much as possible. However at the same time I have been starting jogging and orienteering very cautiously, after being 2 months without running a single step since Jukola orienteering relay at mid June.

The reason for starting orienteering exercises is pretty long orienteering race (over 20 km) at Vaajakoski at the end of September. It's part of Kalevan Kierros, which is a competition of total of 6 different endurance sports during one year.

I have been participating this type of endurance sport tours like Kalevan Kierros and Pirkan Kierros already 5 times and therefore I was thinking next year to do something new. Yep, I decided to go abroad :) Sweden, here I come !!

En Svensk Klassiker is a similar tour of 4 endurance sports during a one year at our loving neighbor country. It includes 60 km skiing race Engelbrektsloppet, 300 km cycling race Vätternrundan, 3 km swimming race Vansbrosimningen and 30 km running race Lidingöloppet. It seems I'll be spending couple of nights at the ferries between Finland and Sweden next year... If someone of you wants to join me for training or participating this tour / races, just let me know.

So, I'll be a regular visitor at Kaleva swimming hall at Tampere during the coming winter. Hopefully I'm able to learn a decent freestyle swimming technique for the next year and will survive 3 km swim at open water.

In addition of Svensk Klassiker there will be single races to be participated, like 54 km skiing race Birkebennerreinnet at Norway and traditional Jukola orienteering relay competition at Vantaa.


  1. Knowing your background from Mountains to Sea, I would recommend yet another Swedish classic to be listed in your next summer = ÅEC => http://www.areextremechallenge.se/


  2. And yet another one :) is Kebnekaise Classic => http://www.svenskaturistforeningen.se/sv/tipserbjudanden/Bergsport/kebclassic/



  3. Those races are meant for tougher guys than me! Clearly extreme stuff, which makes you sweat and suffer during the race :) Perhaps we can have a REAL kirmaisu event and after one year hard kirmaisu training we can reward ourselves and have the kirmaisu season with travelling and participating endurance races like these ones...

  4. Wow, impressive. No Elitloppet on the list, though. I'm a bit disappointed.