Friday, October 30, 2009

Last day before the next one

How did it felt? My last day at work was today. Well, on the way to home I stopped on a cafeteria in a market and had a cup of hot chocolate and a cake. The feeling was something like: Something has changed, but you really don't know yet what.

This feeling is pretty familiar. Although your body has already physically changed a location, your mind is still having the "old" thoughts and has not adapted to the change. When I have been trekking in Nepal, it will take 2-3 days, before my mind really accepts the change. Although I have been flying to the other side of the world and has been living in a totally different athmosphere, culture and climate already a few days. And then after couple of days I can notice myself that the rhytm of my life has changed and I have adapted towards slow life.

This happens vice versa as well. When coming back from Nepal being there one month, my mind is still there on the mountains although I'm physically back to western civilization in the middle of busy business culture. Gradually my mind is turning back to western time perception with busy schedules and mores stressfull environment.

I'm waiting the transformation and adaptation of my mind. Meanwhile I'll open a bottle of cider and have a sip. I'll start to enjoy on Friday evening...

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