Sunday, October 25, 2009


I must confess, I have been lazy. But fortunately I have learnt to be merciful for myself, I'm not feeling bad or shamed for the things I haven't been doing. Somehow I'm waiting the things just getting ready without doing anything. Sometimes it works, but in most cases it doesn't. Laziness just belongs to October and November in Finland, when the bodies are slowing down after active summer and preparing for the long and dark winter time. It's a natural survival trick.

Yesterday I was visiting my friend's family and their 4 year old children, Anna, was playing, talking, skating on the floor, climbing, laughing, yelling, eating, asking all the time. The energy level she had was from the other planet... The body and mind of the children doesn't seem to remember and follow the same patterns than the adults. Their body and mind are living now, in this moment. Their body is not trying to get prepared e.g. for the coming winter, like mine.

But that's strange, because my mind should know I'm not going to spend a winter in Finland. Therefore my body should be active as well due to coming sunshine and outdoor life...

I have read from somewhere that body is much wiser than the mind. You need to listen your body and try to act and live based on what it tells to you. This is of course a challenging, cause your mind is always trying to tell you something else based on the requirements set by the environment (like "you need to have enough strength to do still this and this...").

The decision to have a brake was based on the feelings of my body. I have been trying to learn to listen it better and better over the years. I'm really looking forward to see what it tells after the break. If it tells to play, talk, skate on the floor, climb, laugh, yell, eat, ask all the time then the leave has done everything for my body it can.

Anna, see you after 10 months and I'll teach you to jump like kangaroos, climb like monkeys, skate like Kiira Korpi, yell like foghorns, talk like Tommi Mäkinen and laugh like Arja Koriseva.

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