Friday, October 9, 2009

3 weeks, 3 tents, 3 sleeping bags

Still 3 weeks to go before starting my leave. I have been preparing for the coming trips by buying necessary and unnecessary items. The most important ones being mosquito net, insect repellent, travel towel and light and small sleeping bag. I have had 2 sleeping bags for the treks during Finnish winter and autumn/spring time, but no light bag for summer usage only.

When doing inventory of my gear I realize I have 3 tents, 3 sleeping bags, 3 sleeping mattresses, 2 cookers, 4 bagpacks, etc... I have learnt there are no good gear for every possible conditions, if you want to have safe, easy to use, light and functioning gear then don't make any compromises.

Years ago I bought skis, which were meant for both classical and free skate styles. It was a mistake. Skis were not good ones for either of those styles, but more or less useless for both. Since then I haven't made any compromises when selecting the gear for my hobbies. I have been very pleased...

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