Friday, October 16, 2009


There were a long list of things to do for the trip. Day by day I can get rid of some items from my list, but there's still lots to do before I'm ready to go...

I have reserved my flight tickets and first I'm heading to Chicago on Friday 13th. I'm not a superstitious of Fri 13th, it's just a day like others (I hope :)). I'll be staying in Chicago over the weekend to see my long-time Peruvian friend, Paola. From Chicago I'll be continuing on Monday 16th to Cancun, Mexico. That's all I have planned for now.

From the long list of things to do I have managed to
- Reserve the flights (KLM,Mexicana)
- Discontinue TV payment
- Terminate newspaper subscriptions

What I still need to do is
- Get travel insurance
- Inform authorities that my car is out-of-traffic, so I don't need to pay insurances, taxes, etc...
- Get the second credit card (if one credit card stolen, I'll have a second one)
- Get the VISA to Cuba
- Inform post office to redirect my post
- Get somebody to take care of my plants during the trip
- Do the packing
- Withdraw some money and change it to USD
- Organize farewell parties for my friends

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