Sunday, November 1, 2009

Voluntary work "Talkoot"

Yesterday the kayaking club had a gathering for combined work and enjoyment. There were over 20 club members eagerly gathering together already at 9:00 AM in the saturday morning.

We headed to the island owned by the club and the purpose of the day was to start the construction of the "Laavu", which is kind of a shelter with a sloped roof. There will be room for 4 people to sleep.

We cut the trees and started to build a base for the laavu. The actual logs, from which the laavu will be built, will be cut in near future and will be floated to the island still before the lake will get frozen. During the winter logs are carved and lifted to build a walls and floor. The roof will be built on spring and laavu should be ready by the next summer.

Unfortunately I'm not able to participate next voluntary work events, and next time when I have the chance to kayak to our island, laavu will be ready. Then I can enjoy the view from laavu to the lake and watch the beautiful sunsets over the Näsijärvi lake.

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