Tuesday, November 17, 2009


6 hours flight from Chicago to Cancun, Mexico is over. Flight was not non-stop, but I had to change the plane in Mexico City. Tropical weather was hitting my face when stepping out from the plane at Cancun airport. I headed straight to Isla Mujeres island, 15 minutes by ferry from Puerto Juarez. Found a decent hostel and planning to stay in the island two nights, before heading to Chichen Itza maya ruins. It was already dark when I get to the islandm so it's nice to see tomorrow on the sunlight what kind of place this is. Need to dig out suncream and sunglasses from the backbag and head to the beach. I wonder how cold water there are in Caribbean sea...


  1. Oh my, sounds sooooo wonderful! Here in Tampere is about +2 degrees and raining water... Nice. Have fun and enjoy! Do not burn yourself in the sun :) I am waiting eagerly photos from the ruins.

  2. Hi Sanna. Haven't burn yet :) I loaded few photos, but no time now to upload bunch of other photos from the ruins. You need to wait, but hopefully not until I'll be in Finland, though...