Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Turtles, beaches, sunshine, ice cream

Rent a bike and did a visit to the southern tip of the island (which is by the way the most eastern point of whole Mexico). Didn't see Cuba over the Caribbean sea, though. On the way went to see some turtles (green or white turtles) on the incubation farm. The smallest ones were 10 days old and the biggest ones 25 years, weighing about 120 kg.

Sun has been shining and temperature has been above the comfort zone occasionally. Therefore I had to :) go to swim on Playa de la Norte. White nice sand beaches from which to choose one...

Check today's views from here.


  1. I looked up you pictures and then I looked out the window… Big big mistake! No sun, no sandy beaches, no colours only grey. But as someone once said happiness comes from little things like photograph of a white turtle ;)

  2. It's my pleasure, if I can make people happy just sharing photos of turtles :) Anything else you would like to see to make your days even more funny and hilarious?