Thursday, July 10, 2014

Paddling course at Kristiinankaupunki and 26th & 27th daymark

Participants for the paddling course for beginners

The first weekend of July was booked for leading a paddling course for beginners at the western coast of Finland, in a small town called Kristiinankaupunki. The local paddling club ksf contacted our company and asked for a teacher for their course.

Finally the high pressure has conquered Finland and it was sunny and hot weekend. The Baltic Sea was totally calm and beautiful. Therefore we had extremely good conditions to lead the 2 day - course near Kristiinankaupunki center.

Calm waters

At the same time when I was at western coast, I had a chance to visit on a couple of daymarks nearby. On Friday I drove to Merikarvia camping area and headed towards Oura - archipelago and Oura - daymark 10 km away from shoreline. It was moderate headwind when paddling towards west, but on the other hand return trip was easy when coming back to mainland in a tailwind.

Oura - daymark

On Saturday evening I drove from Kristiinankaupunki to Närpiö and visited on a Rövargrund - daymark very near the shoreline. Rövargrund was my 27th daymark, still 10 daymarks left to be visited...

Rövargrund - daymark

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