Monday, July 7, 2014

Goals for 2014 achieved

I had set only two objectives for this year. The first one was to successfully orienteer in a Jukola-relay mid-June at Kuopio. The week before Jukola I was sailing at Croatia and couldn't exercise or run at all. Therefore I had a bit uncertainty how would I manage the 5th leg of the relay.

All in all my performance was quite OK, the biggest problems I had in the very end. The 2nd last control point was slower in the slope than I expected and I lost minutes when searching it. Otherwise when I wasn't in a good running shape, I went on slowly and found control points quite OK.

Finisher of Själland Rundt at Koge central square

Two weeks after Jukola I had Själland Rundt cycling event in Denmark. The distance to be cycled was 300 km. I started at Koge central square at 6 AM. The training for the cycling event was minimum due to other activities during the April-June. The first 100 km went quite OK, but then I had hard time between 110 km and 168 km, when my energy level was going down, there were lot of uphill sections and even moderate headwind. However at service point at 168 km I ate pasta and got my energy level back to normal. The latter half of the race I was feeling surprisingly good.

The last 5 km were tough and long. I crossed finish line after 8 PM and 14 hours drive. I was extremely satisfied, cause this was my most important goal for this year. Yeah!

Road bike for sale

Now I'm having a break from cycling and selling my road bike.

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