Friday, July 4, 2014

Midsummer paddling at Baltic Sea

It has been extremely cold and rainy summer so far in Finland. Despite of the weather I headed onto Baltic Sea during midsummer. My original plan was to paddle to Haapasaari, but the winds were too strong to try to reach Haapasaari island 20 km out of the sea.

Instead on Friday evening I drove to near Loviisa and started paddling from Söderby towards Orrengrund island. After 1,5 hours paddling I landed on a small beach at the harbor of Orrengrund. The Finnpilots were working at the midsummer Eve and they were leaving with their boat to guide a ship, which was coming closer.

Orrengrund - daymark

I hiked up at the highest point of the island and took the photo of Orrengrund - daymark. Daymark has been built 1858 and it's still standing strong.

On Saturday morning I drove to Pellinki archipelago, near the city of Porvoo. The day was sunnier, but wind was still strong. However I had a sheltered route to paddle to Glosholm island, where I visited Glosholm - daymark. This was my 25th daymark visited by paddling. Glosholm was built 1835, but it was destroyed during the second world war. It has never been built again as it was. However there are ruins of Glosholm still visible in the mid of bushes.

Glosholm - daymark

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