Saturday, August 9, 2014

On a Gulf of Bothnia

The paddling trip to Gulf of Bothnia was my last one for this summer season. I had only two daymarks to be visited there and I managed to visit on both of them despite of the constant thunder storms.


The Poroluodonkari - daymark was about 10 km away from the mainland. The paddling was easy and nice with slight tailwind. I landed on the southern tip of the island on a small harbor. After short walk to the highest point of the island I saw the daymark. When paddling back to mainland there were lightning and thunder all around me, but I was lucky and got back to the car before it started rain and thunder. What a close call!


The next day I headed onto Ulkokrunni - island, which is located 20 km from the mainland. It's really remote and there's no coverage for the mobile network. The islands are protected and the only time of the year, when it's possible to visit the islands is 15.7-31.8. Just before Ulkokrunni - island there's a ship-road to Kemi, where huge cargo vessels operates. I nearly hit one Trans Atlantic ship !

Ulkokrunni was my 29th daymark, only 8 daymarks left...

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