Saturday, August 23, 2014

Travelling in Iran

My first visit into Iran started by a long bus drive from Yerevan to Tabriz. Although it was 34 degrees outside, the temperature inside bus was pleasant +20. When arriving at Tabriz at 1 AM in the night the search for the hotel is a challenging task. Fortunately there was one hotel - Koshar - open and there were room for 5 people available. Me and Swiss guy took the room and we got it even a bit cheaper. Swiss guy, Rafael, had been travelling already 5 months and Iran would be his last country to visit. He had planned to travel in Iran 1 month.


Stone-carved bedroom in Laleh - hotel

Nearby Tabriz is located Kandovan village, which is famous for the people living inside the rock. They have carved their own rooms and houses onto rock and are living there all year round. Nowadays there's even hotel, Laleh, which offers the same experience of sleeping in a carved room.


With arabs in a museum

I have been asked constantly to be photographed by the locals. National museum couple of Arabs from Iraq wanted me to be in a same photo.


Street musicians on a street of Tabriz

Today I was having my first performance as a street musician with the traditional sitar instrument. Perhaps I could earn my living in this way, playing sitar at the streets of Tabriz and being photographed.

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