Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From Iran to Baku, Azerbaijan


Tabriz has the world largest covered bazaar and I must admit it feels like a huge endless maze, from where you can find and buy everything you need. There's everything from jewellery to shoes, from spices to household goods, from clothes to carpets...

Empty streets of Baku

After travelling one week in Iran, I was flying to Baku, Azerbaijan. Baku is called as a city of wind and indeed it turned out to be windy. It was hard to communicate with the locals, they didn't speak English at all or just a few words. 

The old town

However I managed to take a bus from the airport to center of town. Although there are over 2 millions residents in Baku, there were not too many people walking on the streets and no traffic jams.

Ready for sauna

It was nice to have a possibility to have a sauna at a hotel after two weeks travelling. Enjoyable!

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