Thursday, September 18, 2014

Northern lights and local trips

Tampere by night seen from Näsijärvi lake

According the Finnish weather forecast company last weekend was supposed to be excellent for seeing Northern lights due to strong solar flare in the sun.

However the weather forecast showed cloudy weather to southern part of Finland and I was bit skeptical to see any Northern lights. I went to bed on Friday and of course the clouds swept away during the night and there were beautiful Northern lights.

Tent at Siilinkari - islet

On Saturday I decided to paddle on a small islet - Siilinkari - just 1 km next to my house on Näsijärvi - lake. I pitched the tent and started to watch the dark sky hoping to see Northern lights. But I was not lucky, the solar flare was a very short one and lights were visible only on Friday night.

Lighthouse at dawn

OK. Instead of the Northern lights I spent a night on Siilinkari and took photos during the night and morning. I'll share some of those here.

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