Monday, June 25, 2012

Midsummer paddling on Baltic Sea

On the shore of Hailuoto

The first paddling trip this year was selected according the lighthouses still not conquered. The two northernmost lighthouses, where I had not yet been visited were Marjaniemi and Ulkokalla. When weather forecast for the Midsummer was relatively good, the destination was locked and on Thursday evening after 5 hours drive, tent was pitched on the shore in Rahja, near Kalajoki town.

Approaching Ulkokalla lighthouse island

Ulkokalla is located roughly 18 km out of the shore on the southernmost part of the Bay of Bothnia. All in all during Friday we managed to paddle to Ulkokalla lighthouse island and back to the shore, alltogether 37 km. As this was my first trip this year, I was feeling paddling in my muscles.

On Keskiniemi daymark

The next day, Saturday, was sunny as well and there were only mild wind expected. We started paddling from Marjaniemi and headed towards NE and Keskiniemi daymark. Returning back to Marjaniemi and it's lighthouse after 2 hours paddling and 12 km was quite enjoyable.

Marjaniemi lighthouse

On the way back to our nightstay on Raahe, we visited Laitakari daymark east from Hailuoto island. It was only 10 km paddling, which took 1,5 hours. The queue for the ferry was long one and we had to wait over 1 hour for boarding on the ferry to the mainland.

Laitakari daymark

There were still one daymark still to be visited, Tasku on the archipelago of Raahe. Early Sunday morning our kayaks were on the water and 8 km short paddling trip took us to Tasku and back.

Tasku daymark

Altogether 67 km paddling during Midsummer took us to 2 lighthouses and 3 daymarks. Currently I have visited already on 33 lighthouses by paddling and the objective of this year (2 new lighthouse visits) has been achieved! Great!

Break at Laitakari

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