Monday, July 9, 2012

Wet, wet, wet

Waiting for the start

There's nothin' new under the sky. Wet, wet and wet! This weekend sport exercise was 3 km open water swim at Vansbro, Sweden. At the beginning I knew already I'm going to be wet when swimming, but like on every sport event earlier this year I have had a chance to enjoy rainfall, Vansbrosimningen was not an exception.

Onto water

I jumped onto a Vanån - river at 12:00 local time and felt the coolness of the water, plus 17 degrees. Immediately after start my body was getting warm and swimming felt OK with wetsuit. However it was a bit strange to swim in a big group of other swimmers and having occasional contact to others.

On a start

Soon after half-way it started to rain heavily and raindrops hit the surface of the water powerfully. Fortunately visibility was still sufficient and rainfall didn't hamper swimming.

1 km behind, 2 km still to go

The last few hundred meters fighting against upstream were long and tough, but I slapped my hand onto a finish line at faster time than I had imagined. Now 3/4 of Svensk Klassiker is behind. It's time to switch cycling and swimming onto running exercises...

At finish!

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