Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pirkan lenkki 217 km

After finish line, tired but happy

This Sunday was not the sunniest day, but despite of that there were Pirkka cycling loppet scheduled for today. This was the first time I was attending the longest route, 217 km. When gathering under the startline at 7 AM, raindrops were falling and the first kilometers were cycled at rain.

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Trade, Alexander Stubb, was starting for his 217 km as well.

After 84 km I stopped to eat a decent lunch (soup and bread) at Komi service station, which gave extra energy for the rest of the route. There were endless line of uphills and downhills on the way around Näsijärvi lake. The second rain shower was at the end of the loppet and when crossing the finish line at the time of 9 hours I got totally wet again.

For next couple of days I'll be concentrating of recovery and charging fully my energy storage...

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