Monday, June 4, 2012

Paddling season open

Although the temperature of water is still a bit chilly, paddling season for this year has been opened with a paddling tour to Saarikylät and paddling course for beginners.

Paddling at Saarikylät

There were 11 participants in a Saarikylät paddling tour with 2 hour canoe trip. Sun was shining, but the level of water was extremely high and the platform to start the paddling was totally under the water.

Beginners paddling course at Näsijärvi

Couple of days after leading a canoe trip I was one of the guides at beginners course. The course was fully booked with 14 participants. All in all it's sure I don't have possibilities to paddle as much as last summer, but hopefully I have some time at midsummer to do a short paddling trip to the Baltic sea.

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