Friday, October 1, 2010

Why the sky is blue?

Indeed, why the sky is blue and not black as the space? Well, this and lots of other's interesting questions are being answered in the book "Miksi taivas on sininen?" written by the professor of the physics, Göran Grimvall. I warmly encourage everybody to grab this book from the library and read it through to understand better the phenomenons of our everyday life.

Questions like:
- Can you see the full moon during the day?
- Why the sound against the wind doesn't proceed as far as to the tailwind?
- How can you forecast the weather by looking an airplane's condensation trail?
- Why the waves are coming to the shore always at 90 degrees angle (perpendicular)?
- Why the mountains far away are blue?
- Is the wetsnow (nuoskalumi) heavier than newsnow (uusilumi)?

are not trivial and require the understanding of the physics to be explained correctly. All in all an excellent book to start a journey to the nature's wonderful world...

In addition of wondering and thinking of the phenomenons of the nature I have studied how to make different knots used in the climbing, how to survive in the winter conditions even without sleeping bag, how to make a various shelters from the snow, etc. I have been writing my personal plan for the studies (HOPS = Henkilökohtainen opiskelusuunnitelma) and my personal plan for the proofs / tests for the degree (HENSU = Henkilökohtainen näyttösuunnitelma). From time to time I feel like a student!

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