Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thank you guys!

I'm speechless! After travelling previous winter and neglecting totally physical excercise I wasn't a good shape at all in spring. I hardly was able to run 12 minutes and it felt awful.

During this autumn I have broken my records in half-marathon and now in Pirkan Hölkkä. What's amazing is that I literally smashed my previous record time for over half an hour!! I just can't believe it.

How this has been possible? Well, this was possible only because of my friends. I have had a pleasure to exercise with You all the summer and autumn in a very versatile and fun way. I have enjoyed every moment and I have suffered a bit too :) But that's the name of the game, no pain, no gain.

Big thanks to everybody: Haapis, Kaitsu, Leevi, Janne, Järppä, Greg, Opa, Häkä, Jani !!!!

Looking forward our next gathering, let's break yet another record then...


  1. Antsa - as you know - our motto is like: "Nothing is as important as measuring the challenge - not even the challenge itself" :D
    I can say that we have also enjoyed these group activities

    BR, Haapis

    ps. Isn't the blog name nowadays a bit misleading? :)

  2. And nothing is impossible for us! Even changing the name of the blog...

  3. Ollos hyvä vaan omasta puolestani! Ja ens vuonna kovaa ajoa vaan enemmän ja alle kolmen tunnin.