Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spanish course at Heredia, Costa Rica

Intercultura school for students in spanish & english

I'll be studying spanish in Intercultura at Heredia in Costa Rica this week. Teachers are professional language teachers and the athmosphere at the school is relaxed and motivated. Stuff is extremely helpful and friendly. I'll have spanish lessons 4 hours per day from Monday to Friday.

My spanish teacher, Nuria

I'm staying at a homestay in a local family, not far away from the school. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the school. Heredia is small city just 11 kms from the capital San Jose and therefore it's more relaxed environment than huge San Jose to enjoy and learn new language. My family is just great, excellent and delicious breakfasts and dinners together with family. Good practice for spanish to discuss with family members and get to know Costa Rican way of life more closely.

My homefamily Campos Rojas

For those who knows already some spanish have a look the following dictionary of Costa Rican vocabulary :)

Costa Rican vocabulary


  1. Hola Antti! En mi libro de espanol hay una capitulo interesante, que conta de comercio justo de Costa Rica y Nicaraqua: El comercio justo le garantiza al productor un precio minimo que no depende de los cambios del mercado internacional del café. De esta forma, el pequeno productor puede mejorar sus condiciones de vida, dar estudios a sus hijos e invertir en su tierra. El vocabulario de Costa Rica en tu foto era muy divertido! Saludos, Ari

  2. Hola Ari,
    He aprendido tambien muchas palabras myu utilas, como espantapajaros, bruja y hombre de hojalata del historia de Mago de Oz :)


  3. Very interesting, I would like to move to Costa Rica, but first I need to find a lot and learn a little Spanish.

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