Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recovering from 2 days bus drive

Lying on a hammoch and reading LP Costa Rica, which is the next country

I have been just resting, walking around the town, eating well and enjoying the athmosphere here in Granada after exhaustive 2 days bus drive through El Salvador and Honduras. City seems to be as pleasent as I was assuming. I could stay here even longer, but unfortunately need to continue, cause there are other plans for coming weeks.

Iglesia de Guadalupe

I have had a little pain in my right side of the back and therefore I went for the massage. The blind people are having massage service in a local cafe just next to the central square. It was excellent!

My masseur

Today I´ll be heading to the southern tip of the Lago de Nicaragua by boat. The boat trip will take some 15 hours to cross this huge lake, which is the 21st largest lake in the world. By the way Saimaa is ranked on 36th. There are even sharks in the lake, bullsharks, they can live both in freshwater and in saltwater. Lago de Nicaragua is connected to Caribbean sea by the Rio San Juan. San Carlos is border city to Costa Rica and I´ll be crossing the border with another small boat up the Rio Frio to the Costa Rican border station at Los Chiles.

On the shore of lago de Nicaragua

P.S. It´s even possible to get Eskimo icecream in Granada :)

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