Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cuzco and sacred valley

Six week travelling behind and now I'm in Peru and the Andes. The temperature is not anymore +30 degrees, but more or less between 15-20 degrees. I have been already get used to more warmer climate and thus these chilly nights here feels a bit cold.

Cuzco at night

After Galapagos flew to Cuzco, where have been 3 days to acclimatize for thinner air. Cuzco is beautiful city located high on the Andes (3500 m) and near the sacred valley of the Incas. Nowadays you can find remarkable inca ruins like Pisaq and Ollantaytambo in the valley.

Sacred valley

Cuzco is starting point to Machu Picchu trips. Tomorrow heading to km 82 post and starting 4 days Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Therefore I should be at Machu Picchu at new year. Let's see if Machu Picchu is as amazing than 8 years ago. At that time visited this sacred Inca city without trekking the Inca trail...

At the same time I wish everybody happy new year. I'll continue updating this blog next year :)


  1. Happy New Year - and don't forget to get some Inca Cola at Machu Picchu! ;)

  2. Had Inca Cola on last camping spot before Machu Picchu. It tasted like before. New year in Machu Picchu was unforgettable, just an amazing site, not to mention Wayna Picchu and moon temple.