Friday, October 19, 2012

Number 30364

I got mail today from Sweden. The package, which was dropped onto my mail slot included the diploma and the medal of successfully completing the Svensk Klassiker first time. As one can see from the diploma I'm 30 364th to complete this series of 4 sport events during one year in Sweden since 1972.

3 different sport event tours

Kalevan kierros tour, which consists of 6 different sports is by far the smallest when comparing the amount of participants. However Kalevan kierros is the most competitive, where participants competes against each others and points are calculated precisely to get the winner crowned in the end of the year.

Pirkan kierros tour, which consists of 4 different sports is medium size tour and meant for ordinary people, who want to keep fit but are not necessarily competitive and just want to do their best and finish every sport event successfully.

Svensk Klassiker tour, which consists 4 different sports too, is a world-class mass event. The events allure tens of thousand participants and these events are meant for both elite class competitors and ordinary people, who want to test themselves and successfully pass the events.

All in all my balance of account so far is 3 * Kalevan kierros, 2 * Pirkan kierros and 1 * Svensk Klassiker and therefore I have had a chance to exercise very diversely during multiple years, sports like : Skating, skiing, running, swimming, cycling, rowing and orienteering.

Let's keep on moving...

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