Sunday, December 4, 2011

Skiing at Saariselkä

Welcome to Saariselkä!

Tampereen pyrintö sporting club has been arranging ski camp at Saariselkä last 10 years at this time of the year. This year I decided to join them and on Friday we headed towards Saariselkä in the hope of snow and skiing possibilities. It has been very warm recently in Finland and thus the snow hasn't fall down yet to Southern part of Finland. We had to drive until Sodankylä to encounter first snow on the ground!

Snow at last

It has been nice to ski first kilometers, but at the same time tough, because body has not been used for it. The muscles on my legs, arms and back are realizing the usage of different muscles than before. We have faced reindeers on the ski tracks, enjoyed smoke sauna and dip onto frozen river after ski exercises. However Santa Claus has been hiding and he has not been skiing at this area. Perhaps we see him during the rest of the week!

Towards Kiilopää - fell

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