Sunday, December 11, 2011

On a thin ice

Walking on a thin ice

After skiing at Saariselkä 5 days, I took a bus to Rovaniemi early on a Thursday morning and joined other students for the 15th school period of Nature Experience Instructor studies. The theme for this 4-day period was firstly to learn safe practices on a thin ice and secondly do couple of courses and exams related to safety and healthy practices at travel business.

Getting out of the freezing water

In addition of subjects already mentioned we had our traditional night shift of kayaking at swimming hall. This time we had a privilege to practice series of crazy and weird tricks with kayaks.

Capsizing kayaks

E.g. we practiced how to move kayaks by swimming with our hands, when the kayaks are upside down. And how to do it with pairs and even with our eyes closed.

Under the water

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