Sunday, November 13, 2011

Days full of ropes courses

Climbing to a swinging beam at 10 meters

It has been mentally and physically challenging visit to Rovaniemi because current school period has been filled with all kind of ropes courses. There has been low and high elements to experience and to overcome own's fears of heights. I must admit I have fear of heights and I have encountered a real fear factor...

Walking on a beam

Absolutely most horrible of the courses were a swinging beam at 10 meters, which you had to reach by climbing small ladders and then walking roughly 20 meters on swinging beam getting support only from the vertical poles located approximately 4 meters from each others. In addition of the quite long distance the poles were covered with plastic tubes, which were rolling when you touched them. Just ultimate adrenaline shot!

Focusing to reach the next pole

The other high elements like Trapeze jump at 10 meters high, climbing Jacob's ladder or abseiling upside down were piece of cake for this swinging beam stuff.

Abseiling face towards ground

The low element courses included several rope courses just 10-50 cm from the ground, which involved trust to others, balance and problem-solving capabilities.

Working on a low rope course "crux"

The third day was a special day for us. We had a possibility to build and test a 50 meter zip wire on Hiidenkirnut cliffs. It took couple of hours to build anchor points for the upper and lower ends of the ropes and to tighten the ropes with pulleys ready for the sliding down the cliffs with the help zip wire.

Building zip wire high on the cliffs

And sliding down on a 50 meter zip wire

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