Friday, April 29, 2011

The summary of the Ylläs-week

Kellostapuli fell

The week of skiing in Lapland is over... The summary for the week was:

- Lots of reindeers
- Even more Moomins at the ski tracks
- 1 Capercaillie
- 1 Picoides tridactylus
- 4 Squirrels
- 2 Swans
- 1 Jarmo Riski
- 1 Popeda
- 1 Ylläs
- 1 Pallas
- 1 Levi

and 140 km XC skiing, 10 km running, half a day telemarking and one day backcountry skiing.

Backcountry skiing at Pallas

Sun was shining, snow were melting and the feeling of being at such a place at this time of the year was incredible.

Look at this weather and the scenery!

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