Sunday, September 19, 2010

My 13th lighthouse this year : Gustavsvärn

Gustavsvärn lighthouse and the house behind the walls

This week I have used for making a multimedia presentation about Märket's summer 2010, which I manged to complete on Friday. Early Satruday I started to drive towards Hanko, a city on the southern coast of Finland. From the east harbour of Hanko I paddled with my kayak a short distance to Gustavsvärn lighthouse island, where we had a Finnish Lighthouse Society's event for the crew members of Märket lighthouse this year. My multimedia presentation was presented at this event.

Lighthouse at night

The president of Finnish Lighthouse Society, Mr. Pekka Väisänen took us a tour around the island and the lighthouse and told us the history of this remarkable island. At the evening we had a delicious dinner with grilled meat and followed by an athmospheric sauna experience.

The house and the light of the Russarö lighthouse background

When I returned back home on Sunday, I decided not to paddle anymore on this fall. The weather has been already windy and rainy and now it's time to give to my kayak a well deserved rest before next summer...

Gustavsvärn was my 13th lighthouse visited by seakayak this year. The others were Strömmingsbådan, Märket, Sälskär, Söderskär, Tiiskeri, Suomenlinna, Harmaja, Tankar, Kallan, Sälgrund, Merikarvia and Yttergrund. Alltogether it was my 22nd. There are still 17 left for coming years...

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