Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to the school

I started my studies at Santasport institute in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. During next 1,5 years I will be regularly driving from Tampere to Rovaniemi for 4 days short periods every month. The first 4 days period was held on 9.-12.9 at Santasport.

We are 10 active, open minded and willing to learn students trying to build an excellent team spirit and work as a team together our common goal: To become as a Nature Experience Instructors (Luontoelämysohjaaja in Finnish).

We started with team building excercises, continued with swimming tests and basic course of paddling. Altogether it seems to become an interesting and active 1,5 years with full of new things to learn. I'm looking forward to it!!!!

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