Thursday, April 8, 2010

Part II : Trekking around Annapurna


Spring has arrived to Northern hemisphere, it's April and bunch of rich and ambitious people are currently hiking towards the EBC (Everest Base Camp) at Nepal to start their climbing challenge...

Lakpa Norbu Sherpa is already working there together with ER (Emergency room) and HRA (Himalayan Rescue Association) doctors to help climbers on the base camp who have medical problems during the climb.

I will be heading to Nepal tomorrow, but won't meet Lakpa this time... It would have been great to trek to EBC and meet Lakpa and Everest climbers (few from Finland as well), but the earlier plans for Annapurna are still valid.

The preparation for this trek has been minimal. Yesterday I had a lunch in Nepalese restaurant at Tampere (Katmandu) and that's it :) Now I have to pack my bagpack and just jump to the plane. My second home country is waiting...

I'm not sure how well I'm able to update the blog from the trek, in my first trek to Annapurna there were not even electricity at villages, but nowadays the electricity is provided nearly all of the villages.

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