Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tuesday 13.4.2010 Jagat – Dharapani (Day 3)

Proud Nepalese woman

Wake-up at 6:15 and we’ll start trekking without breakfast, because the food wasn’t too delicious on this lodge. At 7AM we are heading through the Jagat village and start with mild descend. After 10 minutes we see fresh landslide, which has nearly hit one building. The owner of the building is asking donations from the trekkers, because landslide has destroyed nearly everything from him. Between Jagat and Tal there are lot's of landslides and some of them are closed and we need to take higher track over the ridges. When arriving to Tal after 400 meters ascending it starts to rain again and after the lunch I'll buy raincover for my packbag. First time on this trek I need to put Gore-Tex clothes on, when continuing hiking in the rain. Just after Tal we wash our feet on icecold water on the river on the sunshine. The last part of the hike is easier for me than the morning. We try to get to Dharapani before it starts to rain again and first drops are already falling, when arriving to 3 sisters - lodge. There's ACAP check post just next to the lodge and when getting the stamp to the permit, I see from the book that I'm 88th trekker today. There are on average 100 trekkers per day on spring and 300-400 trekkers on autumn. At the same time I'll check if my colleague from Poland has passed this check post already and indeed, their group has checked their permits 4 hours before. It will mean that I'm going to see then tomorrow, when we are going to Chame. The food at 3 sisters lodge is delicious and we are really hungry after the long hiking day. Lasagne and custard pudding for the dinner makes me feel happy. At 7PM it starts to rain again with thunderstorm.

Father and his son :)

Altitude : 1900 m, Trekking time 9 hours, total climb 1350 m

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