Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot chocolate at Curacao

Having breakfast at Curacao's airport. Just landed a few minutes ago from Valencia, Venezuela. I'm on the way to Paramaribo, Suriname, from where I have a flight back to Finland next week. I just counted I have visited alltogether 35 countries in America during this trip.

Now I'm pretty dead, wake-up was 4:30AM this morning and I have all day to be spent at Curacao, before flight departure at 19:00 to Paramaribo, where I'll arrive at midnight. I suppose tomorrow I'll take easy and just relax and sleep away my sleep debt. These early morning flights are awful, wake-up at middle of night, no breakfast and painful waitings at the airports.

However Venezuela was chaotic and non-organised country. Traffic was awful, payments in hotels, airports everywhere were mystery to me. Why on earth my passport number is needed, if I eat lunch at hotel's restaurant? It was sad to notice people are living like in a cage. Every house was rounded with huge walls and on top of the walls were electricity wires to prevent unwanted visits to homes. This is not a pleasent place to live.

Bahamas, which I visited before Venezuela was like middle Caribbean island. Neutral, nothing special at least near the Nassau. It might be different on more remote islands like Exumas. And it was cold, 22 degrees and I was shivering, because my body has already used to much higher temperatures. Fortunately temperatures are higher at Venezuela, Curacao and Suriname. I'm waiting the return to Finland a bit worried, it's freezing temperatures there...


  1. No worries - you will be adapting into sub-zero (not in subzero in Kelvin vice though :) temperatures easily! Welcome back!


  2. Jep jep!!! I need to find my down jacket and visit outdoor of my home very braiefly and get back to sauna to warm up :) I can already see the huge invoice from the electricity company, when sauna is on all the time...