Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cycling at Näsijärvi lake on a beauuutiful sunshine

My bike at Näsijärvi lake

It has been sunny and warm days and when I'm looking out from my window I can see people skiing and walking on the Näsijärvi lake in a beautiful sunshine. Most of them are heading to a rock "Siilinkari", which is about 1 km off the shore on the lake. I decided to bike to Siilinkari, because it was such a beauuuutiful day again and snow is still hard after the freezing temperatures during the night. The frozen lake looks like a salt flat in Bolivia!

Biking near the Siilinkari - rock on Näsijärvi lake

I managed to cut the maps of Swedish coastline into 9 pieces and to protect them from the sea water I covered them with transparent self-adhesive film. What a tedious job, but had to do it! Finnish coastline is still waiting, but I don't have any energy to do it this week. I'll attack Finnish maps next week...

Southern part of Swedish coastline on my floor


  1. How wonderful Näsijärvi looks! Is there two guys selling sausages and coffee in Siilinkari? Last year they were there and business idea seemed to work - almost everybody was having a break eating a sausage ;) Here in the office I don´t even have a window or a sausage in my sight…


  2. I wish there would have been some sausages and drinks, but Siilinkari was totally empty. Nobody selling anything. Maybe the season is over and the ice is not that strong anymore that it would enable the cars to drive to Siilinkari to bring all sausages and drinks there. The problem might be the ice thickness on the shore of the Näsijärvi near the Lapinniemi spa, from where the ice road leads towards the Siilinkari. Well, this is just my guess...

    You need to require better views from your employer!!!