Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Safe trip

M16 guns everywhere

Long bus drive from El Salvador to Granada, Nicaragua is finally over with KingQuality. Oh boy that was tough. There are security guards with M16 guns everywhere in El Salvador. They are standing in bus stations, petrol stations, in the streets, in hotels, in restaurants, etc... I haven´t get used to it yet. El Salvador is the most violent country in Central America, roughly 10 murders every day. I don´t wonder it at all, when there are guns everywhere and on TVs all movies are extremely violent. I haven´t seen a single movie in the bus, which wouldn´t have been shooting, fighting and violent.

KingQuality bus

Now I need to rest for a while in Granada, which seems to be a nice colonial city on the shore of Lago de Nicaragua.


  1. Oh gosh, that's a striking difference when compared to the Finnish "bird´s nest"-society, safe and secure. Unfortunately the awful nowadays so-called-winter climate is almost killing us finns mentally - being wet and dark for months in a row. It's hard to tell, which might be worse, to die quickly buy a random bullet shower in El Salvador or slowly, but inevitably by the harsh climate in Finland :-(
    Maybe there is a compromise found somewhere, which is not mortal, but having the best sides of both :-)

  2. Hi Ari,

    Let´s see if I found the compromise later on (perhaps Cuba :))... It was mentally hard to pass Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras when you see heavily armed guards everywhere. Although the places I have visited have been beautiful and nice and people friendly. Of course Taxi drivers and locals have been fooling Gringo to pay some extra, but that´s the name of the game.

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