Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tres Hombres Adventure

Live now!

Breath thin Himalayan air, get salt water splashed on your face, sit by the fire in a freezing cold Finnish forest and listen to the silence.

We make it happen.

TresHombres Adventure Oy was founded in February 2013 and currently consists of three lines of business.

Tres HombresTravel arranges activity trips to magnificent destinations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

Tres Hombres Adventure Club offers a social network for likeminded, active people. We make sure that people are capable and fit enough for the nature experiences and activity trips we provide. 

Tres Hombres Activity provides activities for companies in the Finnish nature. Activities that are fun, teach people new skills and offer a break away from the urban city life.

At the moment Tres Hombres Adventure Oy is in the process of building the digital tools to conduct the business, including interactive web pages, means to share experiences with friends and an active use of the social media.

But, in line with our ideology, we also escape every now and then from the every day life to see, learn and experience.  We just returned back from a tree-week expedition to Southern Africa, where we discovered unspoilt and unforgettable destinations for our new trips.

At your service,
Antti Härkönen, Vesa Airio and Pasi Oksman