Monday, October 28, 2013

The new year

The most natural starting point of the new year for me is in the beginning of November instead of traditional new year in the beginning of January.

All the plans and goals are typically targeted during the first 10 months of the year and summer time being the most active time. When autumn comes the body turns into an energy saving mode and starts to prepare itself for a long winter time. It's the time to do next year planning as well. When real new year comes in January, I have lived a next year already two months.

Now when we are living the last days of the year 2013, it's time to look back and to see how I managed to complete the objectives and goals set last year.

First of all I was planning to ski 6 Worldloppet races around the Europe last winter and all of them were successfully finished!

Secondly the plan was to cycle 3 Skandinavialoppet races during the summer. I managed to complete 2 of them.

Thirdly I was trying to conquer by paddling 2 unvisited lighthouses on Baltic Sea. I did it and even managed to visit on a 3rd lighthouse as well. Well done!

Fourth goal was to run on Jukola relay and so I did.

Fifth goal was to visit in a 3 new countries and thus get 100 countries. Well, this goal was exceeded clearly as I visited in a 9 new countries. As a consequence there are no European or American countries anymore, where I haven't been. It's easy to guess where I'll be travelling in the future -> Asia and Africa.

Sixth goal was to establish a start-up company and currently I'm employed by myself in my own company.

Year 2013 has been exceptionally laborious and exhausting. Therefore I haven't been planning such amount of tasks and goals for the next year. The goal setting for 2014 can be seen on the column right-hand.