Saturday, February 9, 2013

La Transjurassienne

Through the mountain range

La Transjurassienne 50 km ski event was a scenic one. The ski track climbed through the mountain range after the first 10 km on the valley. The start was 10AM at Les Rousses and finish line at Mouthe village. 

Climbing from the valley

The altitude of the race was above 1000 meters, but somehow it felt remarkably easy to ski, Total ascent of 665 meters was a bit short of Marcialonga and Dolomitenlauf, but the weather and scenery were beautiful.

Finish line

The organisation had some hick-ups and it seems French are not that systematic and prompt as German and Swiss :) However the dinner at the school accommodation at Les Rousses was overwhelming with loads of food to digest during the night just before the race...


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