Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My 3rd Interrail

Christmas market at Monte Carlo

Has started fluently. This time I'll be focusing on the Eastern Europe + giants of the Europe, i.e. Monaco, Vatican city and San Marino.

Ice rink with yachts background

I started with Monaco, admired the Christmas markets at the harbour and the ice rink just in front of the huge yachts anchored on the bay. Then I took the train and jumped to Vatican City, which was beautiful during the night. The police were guarding the Basilica di San Pietro - church and the plaza tightly and I got a few notes from the police... All in all the night went on in a quiet Rome / Vatican with photographing and sipping some wine and grappa.

St. Peter's Basilica at night

Now I'm in snowy San Marino, which appears to be a lovely and beautiful place to visit! Need to come here summertime again...

Snowing at Rimini (close to San Marino)

After San Marino I'm heading towards the Eastern Europe and starting from Ljubljana, Slovenia first.

Street view at San Marino

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